D3 Room Division (DIK)

Study Program Profile

The Diploma 3 Program in Room Division (DIK) is a vocational program aimed at producing graduates to become professional mid-level managers in the field of Room Division. The education duration for the Diploma 3 Program in Room Division Management is 3 years, comprising 6 semesters. Graduates from the Diploma 3 Program in Room Division have career opportunities in various fields, particularly in hotels, villas, and cruise ships.


To become a leading study program, producing professional human resources in the field of room division, actively contributing to national tourism development, and possessing international competitiveness by the year 2020.


  1. Organize excellent vocational education and training using competency-based curricula in room division management.
  2. Develop professional educators and staff actively engaged in national tourism development with international standards.
  3. Innovatively and creatively implement development in room division management in line with current and future trends.
  4. Establish a network of collaborations with professional associations, industries, and other stakeholders in the field of room division management.


    1. Produce highly competitive graduates proficient in the fundamentals of knowledge and skills in room division management for sustainable hospitality enterprises.
    2. Generate research and engage in community service beneficial for improving quality of life and knowledge development.
    3. Enhance the quality of the three pillars of higher education (education, research, and community service), fostering the independence of the Room Division Management Study Program and improving the academic atmosphere.
    4. Enhance partnership collaborations in the three pillars of higher education with government agencies, educational institutions, and industries both domestically and internationally.

    Graduation Profile

    1. Room Division Supervisor
    2. Assistant Manager
    3. Entrepreneur
    4. Assistant in Practical Laboratory
    5. Civil Servant

      Graduation Competition

      1. Cultivate noble character and a sense of nationalism.
      2. Apply professional values, attitudes, and ethics.
      3. Apply operational technicalities within the Room Division.
      4. Supervise operations within the Room Division.
      5. Apply principles of interior and exterior design within the Room Division.
      6. Utilize information technology within the Room Division.
      7. Develop operational budgets within the Room Division.
      8. Control operational costs within the Room Division.
      9. Plan and establish systems and procedures.
      10. Manage human resources within the Room Division.
      11. Oversee hygiene, sanitation, and workplace safety.
      12. Design and implement room sales activities.
      13. Maintain service quality within the Room Division.
      14. Entrepreneurship and job creation in laundry services, building cleaning services, and florist services.
      15. Read and analyze reports.
      16. Communicate proficiently in English and other foreign languages.


        I Gusti Ayu Putu Wita Indrayani, S.ST.Par., MM., CHE.


        I Wayan Sunarsa, S.Pd., M.Par.
        Lektor Kepala

        Lektor Kepala

        I Gusti Ayu Sucita Dewi, Ss., M.Si.

        Lektor Kepala

        I Gede Darmawijaya, S.Pd., M.Agb.

        Lektor Kepala

        I Made Sucipta Adnyana, SE., MM

        Lektor Kepala

        Made Uttari Pitanatri,S.ST.Par

        Penyusun Rencana dan Program

        I Wayan Seniartha, SE., MM. CHT

        Lektor Kepala

        Ida Ayu Sri Puspa Adi, S.Pd., M.Par.

        Lektor Kepala

        Ni Ketut Iswarini, SE., M.Si.

        Asisten Ahli

        Ni Nyoman Suci Arthini, S.Pd., M.Pd


        Ni Ketut Sekarti, S.Pd., M.Par.

        Lektor Kepala

        Dewa Gede Putra, SE., M.Par.

        Lektor Kepala

        Anak Agung Istri Ratna Sari Wulan, SE., M.Si.

        Lektor Kepala

        Putu Gede Eka Darma Putra, SE., M.Si.

        Lektor Kepala