Welcome to Politeknik Pariwisata Bali, Centre of Excellence.

Drs. Ida Bagus Putu Puja,M.Kes

Director of Politeknik Pariwisata Bali

I am proud to briefly introduce the Bali Tourism Polytechnic (PPB) to readers. Founded in 1978 in the Nusa Dua area of Bali, the Bali Tourism Polytechnic is mandated to develop cultural tourism which is very appropriate to its existence on the island of Bali as a barometer of Indonesian cultural tourism. Bali Tourism Polytechnic (PPB) which is also called Poltekpar Bali is a vocational college under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy which changed its status from the Nusa Dua Bali Tourism College on October 21 2019. Currently the Bali Tourism Polytechnic has 2 Departments with 10 Study Programs and 1 Study Program in Bali Tourism Polytechnic has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Higher Education (BAN-PT) Directorate of Higher Education (Dikti) and Tourism Education Quality (Ted-Qual) from the Thermes Foundation, United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

To become a university in the field of international tourism, superior and with an Indonesian personality, Bali Tourism Polytechnic has provided education using an international standard curriculum. Bali Poltekpar also plays an active role in regional and national tourism development through research and community service activities at the local, national and international levels. Apart from that, Bali Poltekpar also carries out professional authority management through increasing capacity, work ethic and appreciation for the academic community and education staff.

Bali Tourism Polytechnic is ready to produce superior tourism people. This preparation starts with a recruitment process designed to screen superior human resource candidates in the tourism sector as well as a learning process that uses the ACCSTP (ASEAN Common Competency Standard Tourism Professional) and CATC (ASEAN Common Competency Standard Tourism Curriculum) competency-based curriculum. The close and strong relationship between Poltekpar Bali with institutions, industry, associations and alumni provides a very strong foundation so that we can provide opportunities for students.

We believe that to become a superior tourism person, it is not enough just to have soft skills, namely good character and the ability to collaborate flexibly with the surrounding environment. For this reason, we encourage students to hone their soft skills through various extracurricular activities. Apart from that, through the Entrepreneurship Unit, Poltekpar Bali also fosters the spirit and spirit of entrepreneurship among students and shapes the mindset of students from job seekers to value creators in the form of tourism products and services through entrepreneurship.

I would like to thank the students who have trusted the Bali Tourism Polytechnic as a place to study. Hopefully you can gain knowledge as well as possible and be able to excel in academic and non-academic fields. Don’t forget the Alumni to continue to contribute to their Alma Mater. May God Almighty always give His mercy to us all.

Director of Bali Tourism Polytechnic.