D3 Room Division (DIK)

Study Program Profile

The Diploma 3 Program in Room Division (DIK) is a vocational program aimed at producing graduates to become professional mid-level managers in the field of Room Division. The education duration for the Diploma 3 Program in Room Division Management is 3 years, comprising 6 semesters. Graduates from the Diploma 3 Program in Room Division have career opportunities in various fields, particularly in hotels, villas, and cruise ships.


To create a study program with graduates who are professional, competent, superior, cultured, have an international standard Indonesian personality and an entrepreneurial spirit in the field of Room Division Management (Housekeeping and Front Office).




  1. Organizing vocational education through a learning process that is creative, innovative, collaborative and upholds integrity.

  2. Carrying out research that is beneficial to society and the hospitality industry

  3. Organizing community service activities in the field of Rooms Division Management (Housekeeping and Front Office) in order to improve community competence/welfare.

  4. Establish collaboration with stakeholders at national and international levels.


  1. Producing graduates who are competent, professional and entrepreneurial in the field of Rooms Division Management (Housekeeping and Front Office) with international standards; superior, cultured and have an Indonesian personality.

  2. Produce applied research in the field of Room Division Management (Housekeeping and Front Office) which is published and utilized by the community and industry.

  3. Carrying out community service as the implementation of applied science and technology in the field of Room Division Management (Housekeeping and Front Office) to improve the welfare of the community.

  4. Producing graduates who are able to apply applied science and technology, be independent and build character in the field of entrepreneurship.

  5. Realizing collaboration with stakeholders to improve the implementation of the Study Program Tridharma.

Graduation Profile

  1. Front Office Assistan

  2. Manager Assistant

  3. Executive Housekeeper

  4. Laundry Manager

  5. Beginner Entrepreneur

Graduation Competition

  1. Demonstrate a responsible attitude towards work in their field of expertise independently

  2. Internalize the spirit of independence, struggle and entrepreneurship

  3. Internalize the values of hospitality, integrity, responsiveness, trustworthiness, professionalism (Global Code of Ethics of Tourism) and personality in carrying out their duties.

  4. Demonstrate performance with measurable quality and quantity;

  5. Solve work problems with the nature and context in accordance with the field of applied expertise, based on logical and innovative thinking, independently both in the implementation and responsibilities of the work.

  6. Supervise and evaluate workers under their responsibility in the context of completing certain assigned work;

  7. Able to apply techniques for providing front office and housekeeping services using appropriate methods, tools, materials and selecting human resources.

  8. Able to use hotel information systems, technology and appropriate equipment in the front office and housekeeping areas

  9. Able to implement butler operations

  10. Able to arrange flowers in traditional and modern styles

  11. Able to communicate effectively with customers

  12. Able to market products in the front office and housekeeping sectors



I Gusti Ayu Putu Wita Indrayani, S.ST.Par., MM., CHE.


I Wayan Sunarsa, S.Pd., M.Par.
Lektor Kepala

Lektor Kepala

I Gusti Ayu Sucita Dewi, Ss., M.Si.

Lektor Kepala

I Gede Darmawijaya, S.Pd., M.Agb.

Lektor Kepala

I Made Sucipta Adnyana, SE., MM

Lektor Kepala

Made Uttari Pitanatri,S.ST.Par

Penyusun Rencana dan Program

I Wayan Seniartha, SE., MM. CHT

Lektor Kepala

Ida Ayu Sri Puspa Adi, S.Pd., M.Par.

Lektor Kepala

Ni Ketut Iswarini, SE., M.Si.

Asisten Ahli

Ni Nyoman Suci Arthini, S.Pd., M.Pd


Ni Ketut Sekarti, S.Pd., M.Par.

Lektor Kepala

Dewa Gede Putra, SE., M.Par.

Lektor Kepala

Anak Agung Istri Ratna Sari Wulan, SE., M.Si.

Lektor Kepala

Putu Gede Eka Darma Putra, SE., M.Si.

Lektor Kepala