Vision & Mission


Bali Poltekpar has a vision of becoming a university in the field of tourism with international standards, excellence and an Indonesian personality.


To realize the vision of the Bali Poltekpar as intended in Article 31, the Bali Poltekpar carries out the mission:

  1. carrying out education, research and community service in the field of tourism that is internationally competitive;
  2. play an active role in regional and national tourism development through activities with stakeholders at the local, national and international levels;
  3. carrying out professional bureaucratic governance through increasing capacity, work ethic and appreciation for academics and educational staff


  1. The objectives of the Bali Poltekpar consist of:
  2. produce competent, professional and entrepreneurial graduates in the tourism sector;
  3. produce research and applied work that is utilized by the national and international community;
  4. carry out community service activities as an implementation of science and technology to improve the quality of life;
  5. collaborate with stakeholders in developing regional, national and international tourism development; And
  6. realizing good bureaucratic governance.