Meaning of The Symbol

The symbol as intended has the following meaning:

  1. Rebab, is a musical instrument held by Goddess Saraswati as the Goddess of Science, symbolizing art, culture or beauty;
  2. Lotus leaves symbolize flexibility and flexibility in developing knowledge;
  3. The nine strands of chili symbolize that science continues to develop following developments in world tourism that come from all corners, where the Bali Tourism Polytechnic is the central point for the development of tourism science;
  4. Chakra symbolizes the macrocosm-microcosm world which has eight main cardinal directions which symbolizes the world of tourism which is characterized by freedom of movement to all corners of the world;
  5. The basic color blue (code: 0054a4) symbolizes prosperity, peace, tranquility, honesty and tranquility; And
  6. The golden yellow color (code: d29d29) symbolizes purity, imaginative idealism, bright character, innovation and the greatness of science, technology and art.