Collaboration with JICA: Bali Tourism Polytechnic (BiTP) Presents Native Japanese Speaker Lecturers

Mar 18, 2024 | Collaboration, Japanese Lecturer

Nusa Dua – Language is an important mean of communication in various fields including education. Bali Tourism Polytechnic is aware of language skills and competencies, especially foreign languages, which are very necessary for the students. One of them is Japanese. Bali Tourism Polytechnic continues to strive to improve the Japanese language skills of Bali Tourism Polytechnic students by providing high quality Japanese language learning, namely by inviting native speakers or native Japanese speakers.

On Friday, March 15 2024, Bali Tourism Polytechnic received a visit from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The representative team from JICA was received directly by the Director of Bali Toursim Polytechnic, Dr. Drs. Ida Bagus Putu Puja, M.Kes, along with management including Deputy Director III, Head of ADAK, Head of BiTP Global Unit, Head of Language Services Unit and Japanese Language lecturers. This visit is an initial or exploratory stage in the context of placement in a Junior Expert (JE) assignment in the field of Japanese Language Education at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic. The team from JICA, represented by Mrs. Ai Kashiwagi and Mrs. Febria Quasiah, said that this visit was aimed at planning the arrival of a Japanese language lecturer, namely Mrs. Nozomi Ota.

A number of discussion points were discussed regarding the preparation of the Junior Expert (JE), especially the readiness to start teaching Japanese at the Bali Tourism Polytechnic in May 2024. This collaboration is a form of collaboration between the Bali Tourism Polytechnic and the Japan International Cooperation Agency in providing the best education for Bali Tourism Polytechnic students.

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