D4 Tourist Travel Business (UPW)

Study Program Profile

The Diploma 4 Study Program in Tourism Travel Business (UPW) has the aim of producing top leaders in travel agency businesses. The length of the program is 4 years (8 semesters). Graduates of the Travel Business Study Program have job opportunities in: travel, cargo, airlines.


To become a superior study program that is able to produce professional human resources, has international competitiveness, and is competency-based in the field of travel and tourism business.



  1. Organizing vocational education and training using a competency-based curriculum in the field of Travel and Tourism Business Management which is oriented towards the learning needs of students who are creative, innovative, dynamic, independent, entrepreneurial and participative.
  2. Carrying out applied research in the field of Travel Business Management in accordance with the needs of the Study Program and the travel industry.
  3. Establishing cooperation with stakeholders and government agencies both at home and abroad in carrying out quality control of learning processes that refer to international standards so that they have competitiveness in international tourism educational institutions.
  4. Organizing community service activities that concentrate on the tourism sector, especially the travel business in the context of empowering local and national communities.


  1. Producing graduates who have a professional attitude and high work ethic, have insight and sharp vision regarding the development of science and technology, have extensive and comprehensive knowledge and skills in managing service businesses in the tourism and travel business sector.
  2. Produce research that is useful in developing education in the MBP Study Program, as well as as a reference for the travel business industry and community empowerment.
  3. Build and establish comprehensive relationships with end users / stakeholders and government agencies within and outside the country to improve the quality of competence in the learning process to international standards so that it has competitiveness in international tourism institutions.
  4. Increasing participation in the Travel Business Management Study Program through community service activities in an effort to increase insight, knowledge, skills, empowerment and community welfare.

Graduation Profile

  1. Travel Consultant
  2. Travel Planner
  3. Tour Consultant
  4. Travel / Tour Guide
  5. Travel / Tour Leader
  6. Head of Travel Agent
  7. Airlines Staff
  8. Cargo Staff
  9. Academic / Lab Instructor
  10. State Civil Apparatus

Graduation Competition

  1. Developing a noble personality and a spirit of nationalism;
  2. Apply professional values, attitudes and ethics;
  3. Develop travel company business strategies;
  4. Planning a travel company business;
  5. Running a travel company business;
  6. Evaluating a travel company business;
  7. Develop a travel business marketing plan;
  8. Providing considerations and suggestions in establishing a travel company business;
  9. Issue domestic and international flight tickets;
  10. Carry out reservations for domestic and international flight systems;
  11. Providing travel information and travel products to tourists;
  12. Manage travel company business administration;
  13. Prepare travel company business financial reports;
  14. Entrepreneurship and create jobs in the Travel Business sector.
  15. Communicate in English; And
    Communicate in other foreign languages.


I Gusti Agung Made Wirautama, S.Kom

Pranata Komputer Ahli Muda

Putu Surya Laksana Rahjasa, S.Tr.Par.


Drs. I Gusti Ngurah Agung Suprastayasa, M.Ed.

Lektor Kepala

Ni Putu Evi Wijayanti, SE., M.Par

Asisten Ahli

Ni Ketut Wiwiek Agustina, SE., M.Par., CHE


I Gede Pasek Mancapara, S.Pd., M.Pd.


Made Darmiati, S.Sn., M.Si.

Lektor Kepala

M. Tanggap Sasmita, S.St.Par, M.Par.

Asisten Ahli

Anak Agung Sagung Wid Parbandari, S.Pd.


Drs. Dewa Gede Ngurah Byomantara, M.Ed.


Putu Ayu Aryasih, SE., M.Par


Putu Gde Arie Yudhistira, SE., MM., CHE